Useful Information On Businesses In Dubai’s Mainland

Do you want¬†Dubai mainland business set up? If yes, you can use this guide to make the process easier. You will find useful information on various business types and the procedures that are required. You can even choose the type of business that suits your needs and budget. You don’t have to worry about visa requirements or office space requirements if you are planning to open a company on the mainland.

Mainland companies are not subject to visa restrictions:

Mainland companies in Dubai do not face visa restrictions. These companies are free to establish a virtual office and can apply for as many visas as they need. However, companies in free zones can only have a limited number of visas, while mainland companies have to apply for as many as they need. Visa packages in the UAE vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another, so make sure to choose the correct one for your company.

Businesses have full freedom to conduct business in all seven emirates:

Mainland companies in Dubai have full freedom to conduct business in all seven emirates, including Dubai. These companies can also conduct business outside the UAE. This means that their business can be profitable in both the UAE and the country of their origin. In addition to being free of visa restrictions, mainland companies can cater to the entire economy of the UAE, making it an ideal option for both existing and new businesses.

Mainland companies are not subject to office space requirements:

There are some key differences between mainland and free zone companies. Both require a physical office space and are licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED). Mainland companies must lease at least 200 sqft of office space to operate legally. Free zone companies, on the other hand, do not need physical office space. Most free zones allow their companies to operate from a virtual workspace.

Mainland companies are not subject to trade name registration:

The rules regarding trade name registration apply only to offshore companies. Mainland companies can engage in any business activity provided they have a physical address. Businesses must comply with land planning regulations in Dubai. They must also submit consolidated financial statements. If the company has more than one shareholder, they need to consult with the non-resident audit department and tax adviser before applying for a license. Companies must renew their license annually. Failure to renew your license on time will result in penalties and suspension.