Basic Equipment in a Cake Shop

For anyone who is new to the cake decorating and cake delivery online business, it can be very helpful to purchase your cake making supplies online. When you buy your supplies this way, you have a much greater chance of saving money than if you bought everything in a local store.

It is also convenient since you do not have to go to each store to get the cake tools that you need. Some local stores even carry a small selection of pastry and baking supplies. If you are just starting out with cake decorating and birthday cake delivery in Dubai, these things are things that you will need.


One of the most important cake tools that you will need to start off with is a mixer. You can usually find a mixer at any grocery or retail store. Most people prefer to use a stand mixer since they are easier to use, but some people have also been known to use the hand mixer. A stand mixer is much better for making cakes that are dense and have lots of filling. The buttercream frosting is what makes a great dessert and using the wrong tools can result in a horrible cake taste.

Cake Pans:

Another very important piece of cake equipment is cake pans. Cake pans are what you will use to put the icing on top of the cake. You will want a pan that is thick enough to be able to handle the thickness of the cake without leaking. There are also plans made for specific types of cakes such as sponge, angel food, and jelly roll cakes. These types of cakes will require special cake pans and you should always have them on hand.

Different Sizes of Baking Pans:

You will need to buy your cake pans before you buy all of your other cake equipment. You can either get them at a bakery supply store or order them online. Bakery supply stores typically have a very large selection of cake pans. They will likely have the same pans that you can buy online, but you may also be able to find pans at the store that are slightly different than the ones you find online. Either way, make sure that you compare the prices so that you end up with the best deal.

Baking Tray:

One of the most important piece of wedding cake equipment that you will need is the baking tray. Baking trays are what you will use to cook your cakes. If you want to do a lot of decorating then you will need many different trays, some for basic cakes, some for more complex designs. Baking trays can also come in extremely handy if you need to make some decorations for the event.

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