4 Best Interior Decorating Secrets


There are many secrets to interior design. Rather than having identical rooms, stick to a cohesive design scheme. This way, you will avoid creating a mismatched look. Here are some interior decorating secrets to get you started. Using a design scheme will also make it easier to maintain a consistent theme throughout your home. You don’t have to stick with a uniform color scheme, either. Fresh flowers, unique furniture, and basic colors are great starting points. Visit this site to get valuable information on office interiors in Dubai.


One of the most important aspects of interior decorating is using natural and artificial light effectively. Use accent lighting to highlight specific pieces or areas and keep your overall theme in mind. Mirrors can also add additional lighting and create the illusion of space. It is also important to use windows facing East and West, as sunlight enters your home at different times of the day. Light refraction in the atmosphere causes shadows to form and specific colors to be projected on objects in your line of sight.


In interior design, patterns are a vital element. Understanding how patterns work opens up a whole new level. They create an illusion of depth and movement by spreading across large spaces. If a room lacks spirit, adding patterns can invigorate it. Using a mix of patterns in one space can also create an interesting vibe. To use patterns in interior design, you should be aware of their pros and cons.

Fresh flowers:

Many people think that fresh flowers are for the garden, but they have many other uses. They can brighten any room and cover up odors, too. Fresh flowers look beautiful placed over sinks and countertops, on coffee tables, or even on the walls. A tall vase of flowers can bring color and texture to any room. And they are very low-maintenance, too. If you don’t have a lot of space, fresh flowers can add interest to any room without costing a lot of money.

Clusters of smaller objects:

If you’re looking to fill an empty room with color and style, consider placing small objects in clusters. They can be any combination of art, cushions, pendant lights, or vases. Try using personal items as well to add character and interest. Then, make sure they’re all placed in a similar area of the room. You can create interesting clusters by choosing objects that are similar in size, shape, or pattern.